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Buy Australian Logo | Selling product inside Australia? Gain a leading edge with our ‘Buy Australian’ suite of Trade Marked logos.

No other Australian Made logo provides Australian producers and manufacturers and consumers with this degree of clarity and authenticity.

Other so called Australian accreditation systems at best provide a vague sliding bar and the rules of use are inconsistent and vague. That’s why we’ve created the Buy Australian Logo suite of Trademarked logos; to provide assurance of authenticity that your customers can rely on as a means of exercising their choice to support Australian businesses.

We have to help ourselves… and this is the way!

In our increasingly foreign-dominated market place you can have the marketing advantage your Australian product needs and set it apart from all the well known problems associated with the ‘Australian Made’ label.

Be proud of your Australian-made product.

Clearly display your level of Australian inputs in a consistent and concise manner. Discerning consumers are looking for a greater level of disclosure in labeling.
The ‘Buy Australian’ logo does this.

buy australian logo

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