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Australian Logo


The Australian Logo PL suite of registered trademarks empowers producers, manufacturers and consumers with accurate information at a glance.

While other Australian logo providers are too unspecific, our trademarks give consumers a crystal clear indication of the percentage of Australian content, ownership, manufacturing and packaging. This allows consumers to be better informed when making purchasing choices in support of Australian producers and manufacturers. In turn, Australian businesses who include our trademarks on their products gain a competitive advantage when their customers “Buy Australian”.

Buy Australian Logo – LEVERAGE THE BEST

Australian Made

Australian products and produce are heralded the world over as premium quality. Our Buy Australian logo suite signals this clearly to both international and local consumers. Unlike other trademarks, ours give consumers greater clarity in terms of the percentage components of Australian inputs.

Our Registered Marks

buy australian logo

For use in Australia

This logo is available for use on products to be sold within Australia.

buy australian logo

For use overseas

This logo is available for products intended for sale outside Australia.

buy indigenous logo

For Indigenous use

This logo is available for indigenous use within and outside of Australia.

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