11 to 50 Employee Indigenous Licence


If you’re company employs between 11 and 51 employees and you would like to turbo charge your product marketing, consider using a high quality, practical country of origin qualifier.

Let your customers know at a glance the degree of Indigenous: Content, Ownership, Manufacturing and Packaging that your products are comprised of. Our unique “Buy Australian” and “Indigenous” logo suite offers your customers the clearest and simplest way of making informed choices around the products they buy.

The logo is eye catching, attractive and unique enough to give you the competitive advantage you need, not only at point of sale but also throughout your entire marketing stream.

PLEASE NOTE: There are three licences included in this purchase: Indigenous Logo, Buy Australian Logo, Australian Logo.

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Our Indigenous Logo system is second to none in both quality and serviceability. While we aim for consistency in our presentation, we’re also always looking at ways of improving not only in terms of greater value, but also in terms of our customer service and after service support. Here are some of the features and benefits of our Buy Australian Logo:

  • One year full licencing
  • Four meaningful metrics
  • Editable logo files supplied (Zip)
  • Logo “kit” available on checkout
  • Operations Manual on checkout
  • Clear and concise imaging
  • Attractive, iconic and eye catching design
  • Consumer friendly
  • After purchase support
  • Unique website listing of your product
  • Unique product profile page
  • Backlinks to your product pages


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